New Home Construction

Benefits of Buying New Construction

There's something about new construction homes, they are perfectly clean and pristine, there has been paid attention to details from the biggest appliances to the molding and baseboards. While it's not a necessity (and certainly many love the re-sale properties they've purchased), if you love to keep things extra clean or you are worried about unforeseen suprises from a re-sale, starting from scratch may be the way to go for you.

Here are some more benefits of buying new:

  • Home Warranty
    A brand new home usually comes with a warranty from the builder
  • Interior and Exterior Customization
    You can make decision of how your home will look before you even moved in! No renovations needed and everything will be exactly the way you chose it.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Ofcourse the amount of efficiency depends from builder to builder, but chances are very big your new home is way more energy savvy than an older home. For example: energy efficient windows can prevent 25%-30% heat gain and loss atributed to less efficient homes.
  • Incentives
    Again, this depends from builder to builder, but many builders decide to help you out with closing costs and/or upgrades when working with their preferred lender.
  • Less Maintenance Costs in the first few years

Common Questions About Buying New Construction Homes

Q: Do I really need a Real Estate Agent to assist me to buy a new construction?
A: Yes you do! And the reason is very simple. The agent you meet at the office of the new construction is working in the best interest of the builder. You want someone by your side, that has your best interest, that will read the small letters and that makes sure everything goes smooth during the transaction.

Q: How long does it take to build new?
A: 6-9 months depending on builder, weather, etc.

Q: I don't have 6 months but I want to buy new?
A: Ready-to-move-in homes may be the way for you!

Any other questions?
Send me a message and I'll be happy to answer them all for you